Enjoy your golden years stress free.
Your golden years shouldn’t be consumed by the stress of upkeep on a lage hime. From cleaning, maintenance, furnishing, outdoor upkeep, shoveling driveways and the cost of all of these factors. Downsizing your home can be the first step toward a minimized and streamlined life.

Rightsizing also can free up your lifestyle for travelling. The burden of preparing a large home for an extended absence can be stressful, and reducing your square footage can leave you with a nest-egg opening up new travel possibilities.

Together we can both find the right family for your existing home and get you into a smaller, easier-to-maintain and luxurious space to explore your golden years in.
“I have worked with Val Brooks as both my Buyer’s Agent of my home back in 2001, and most recently as the Sales Agent of this home in 2019. Val is in many ways the perfect agent: hard working, detail oriented and great with people. Her excellent work and consistency ensures that she comes very highly recommended.”
Maria Mulder
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