Your ride deserves a beautiful home too!

Too long has the garage gotten ignored during shopping for a new home.  The reality is, it’s the biggest room in your home while also, the most neglected.  Is that fair to your favourite toys?  Your new sports car, your bike?

Of course not.  Your rides deserve a space worthy of their heritage and the enjoyment you get from them.

If you’re like me, you spend your days thinking about being out on the open road.  And when you’re not, you want to know your trusty steed is warm, clean and safe.  Let me help you find the perfect garage for you and your rides!

“You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!”

― Dan Aykroyd
“Val Brooks helped my husband and find our home in Cambridge. She is the perfect Realtor for us because no matter how stressed out we got, Val was calm and positive with a smile on her face. She offered exceptional service through the whole process. 5 years have passed and we are looking to downsize or”right size” as Val likes to say. She has shown us house after house and her patience is abundant. She smiles and says not to worry that the house has to feel like home when you walk in the door. We haven’t found it yet but I know with her help we will. Thank you Val you are more than a realtor you are family.”
Gerry & Mary Lou
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Val Brooks